Thursday, March 25, 2010

Put it in the Bank!

This morning Marshy woke up and came downstairs to say hello to me. I had fallen asleep on the couch late last night after working on the NOM tie quilt. I got another row done, just need to attach it to the other 4.

Anyway, he had found a penny on the floor. It must've fallen out of my purse or someone's pocket or something. He picked it up, climbed up on my lap and said "Mom, put it in the bank."

How he knows to put things in the bank is beyond me! Maybe it's because we keep telling him he can buy things, like moon sand, paperoni, etc, with his own money....except he doesn't have any. We do give him pennies on occasion, so maybe we should buy him a little bank he can keep his money in.

I just thought it was too cute! "Put it in the bank, Mom!"

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