Monday, March 15, 2010

Bronte Along

OMG! Melissa over at yummygoods is hosting a Bronte Along. I'm so excited! First up is Jane Eyre.

You know, it's funny, because I actually just downloaded the e-book onto my Droid Eris a few weeks ago, and have started reading it. I'm on Chapter 3! Hoping to actually finish the book this time around (tried reading it a year ago, made it to page 2!). It's going to be so much fun with a whole bunch of other fans.

Also, might convince Mike to let me buy the 2006 Masterpiece Theater version of the movie. IT'S AWESOME! If you haven't seen it, check it out from your library, Blockbuster/Hollywood/Netflix, watch it on YouTube, or buy it! It's worth it, trust me!

Can't wait to see who shows up to join us on the Bronte Along!!! (with a promised Austen-along afterwards! EEEK! So excited!!)
MARCH 31, 2010:
So, what is the Bronte-Along? I might not have clarified when I originally posted. We read the book, watch the movie(s), make something crafty that is inspired by the particular book/movie we are currently on.
I am participating by watching the 2006 Masterpiece Theater/BBC version of the movie and reading the book. I hope to have time to make something crafty, but I'm unsure of what I want to do at the moment.
Also, make sure you check out the fabulous ladies who started the whole Bronte-Along: Melissa's blog over at Yummy Goods, Beth Dunn's blog over at An Accomplished Young Lady, and their combined project over at Eggplantia (egg-plant-ee-ah).
You can find my other Bronte-Along related posts here:
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Lizard said...

How fun!! So jealous.

Anonymous said...

wooo! I am thrilled that people are actually taking me up on this! Thank you for your enthusiasm. This is going to be so fun!