Sunday, March 21, 2010

Food Woes

So I've been freaked out a little lately that Marshy won't eat a lot.

Like, yesterday he wanted a lemon poppyseed muffin (from Sam's), so Mike cut him half. He ate it, and I gave him the other half, but had to practically feed it to him to get him to finish. For some reason I didn't see that a muffin was much of a lunch, so I tried to get him to eat more food, which he wouldn't. I was upset and angry that he was being so "naughty" and uncooperative.

UNTIL I read the nutrition facts label on the bottom of the muffin box. Each muffin has 610 calories. 610 CALORIES I couldn't believe it! It was insane! And here I'd just force-fed him 305 of those 610 calories and tried to make him eat more!! I felt so bad. From now on I'm going to read all the labels before I force the child to eat food! Because, for a kid who's used to only having 300-400 calories per meal, 610 is A LOT!

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