Monday, March 15, 2010

Pre School

Looking for a really great preschool to send Marshy to this fall. The one I wanted to send him to just filled up last week. I was 3 days too late! BOO!!! I am on the waiting list, but she won't know until May.

I don't want to just sit and hope and pray that someone drops out of her preschool. Because what if I wait and I don't get him in, and then everyone else is full? So, does anyone have any suggestions? I don't want to drive too far, so if you know of anyone in the Springville to Payson area (preferably Spanish Fork or Salem), then let me know, please!



Jenny said...

Who did you try? I love my kids preschool teacher. Talk to me about it at work!

Audrey Walker said...

You know. Funny thing. I was in a movie about this similar situation. Pretty funny, if you want a laugh: