Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's that time of year again

Our neighbor across the street put up his Halloween decorations today.

I recently learned that our area doesn't do Trunk or Treat because they think it's "stupid," but instead opt to traverse the neighborhood (hopefully avoiding the houses on the Sex Offender Registry) with their children.

Two years ago I had already finished Marshy's costume. This year, I have the front of the turtle shell done. Oh, yeah, and it's the 18th. I have what? 12 days to finish it? We'll see if that happens.

Tickets are still available for New Moon. Please help support two wonderful charities by coming to our special showings of the movie. You know you're going to see it anyway, so why not see it for charity, right? Thanks!

Quilts are starting to pour in. This is nice. I like being busy. Although, it's hard to get work done with a potty training 3 year old who doesn't want to quit playing to go to the bathroom. Ugh. He's relapsed a little bit and has started going in his pull ups again. I think he's rebelling because we are now only rewarding poops on the potty in an effort to get him to actually do that.

This year will probably be yet another year without a family picture. {sigh}

I have decided to give up sugar....somewhat. I am still debating if I want to include Coke. I also need to start working out. I am trying to decide between Turbo Jam and Power 90. Any suggestions? I like them both. Turbo Jam is a little more upbeat and dance-y, which is more my style, but when I did Power 90 in January I lost 14 lbs in a month. Of course, I gained it all back (and then some) quite rapidly. {sigh} My SIL Angel is doing the HCG diet. She looks great! I'm still debating. Maybe I'll just wait until January and start fresh after the holidays? I can't decide!!


jenny said...

you lost 14 lbs with power 90?! wow. i want to try it. i'm just terrified that i won't be able to stick with it. it looks ridiculously hard.. i've also been looking at insanity.

i want to come visit and see all your quilts-! i should just look at the quilt blog.. but that would be fun. maybe you can sew in some letters on a blanket for me. in a corner. =)

can't wait to see the costume-!

Busty LaRue said...

Power 90 wasn't too bad. P90X is awful if you haven't worked out for a while though. Power 90 is the step below P90X. And yes, the sticking with it part is hard.

Jenny Bay said...

Hey, at least you KNOW what Marshall is going to be for Halloween - haven't gotten that far with James!

Also - not sure if you are interested or not, but I noticed your mention about a family picture - I am kinda getting into photography (hope to eventually have a little business) but I am just trying to get more experience and to build up my portfolio - ANYWAY, if your family is ever up in the Salt Lake area (your parents still live up here, right?) I'd be totally willing to take your family photos for FREE! I would love the experience. If you're interested, email me!