Sunday, October 11, 2009

Peterson River

Today we decided that our yard lacked a river..... we added one.

Okay, not really.

We are babysitting Sparky while Mike's parents are in Texas at the International Quilt Market (where Lola...again and her posse just won BEST IN SHOW out of 1200 booths. So go over to her blog NOW and congratulate her because this was their FIRST BOOTH EVER and they totally killed it :) Way to go Lola!!!)

Anyway, so we're babysitting Sparky, and he had to go outside. Mike put on his shoes and took him out on the leash. A few seconds later he called through the front door to me to get my shoes on and come look at something.


We had a river in our yard. It was flowing up from the ground around the spicket on the side of the house, inbetween us and our neighbors, on the north side of the building.

The neighbors got more water than we did, and I really hope they didn't flood their kitchen/living room. They weren't home.

The best part is, our landlord doesn't answer his phone on Sundays (which is stupid, cuz that's when the emergencies always happen). Our neighbor called someone at the city and they came by just minutes after another neighbor, who wasn't afraid of the bazillions of hornets who were pissed off because their home in the shut-off box was flooded, had shut off the irrigation main.

Fortunately, the city shuts off the irrigation on the 15th.

Fortunately, our landlord has like 6 months to find the broken pipe.

Unfortunately, this is gonna cost him a lot of money.....not just in repair costs, but in water fees, because we don't know how long it was running.

Actually, we wouldn't have found out if Sparky hadn't had to go to the bathroom. Cute dog solving our problems. That really would've sucked if we had flooded today.

So today's post is dedicated to Sparky and his knowlege that something was wrong outside. I should've taken a picture, we were out there for 2 1/2 hours with the flooding and the talking to neighbors and the swimming pool of a lawn.

Oh yeah, did I mention that the entire 15 foot side yard, sidewalk, parking strip, and street were flooded? Yeah, it was quite the river. :D It's finally sunk into the ground now, but it was fun while it lasted. Marshy especially loved jumping in the puddles and getting wet clear up to his waist!

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