Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We are doggy-sitting for my in-laws while they are in Houston at Quilt Market.

I decided to take Sparky and Marshy for a walk tonight before dinner. We started out heading North on Main Street and walked all the way down to the Shopko. Then I headed back home on 100 West. At about 400 North I was running across the street, stepped on the stroller wheel and totally twisted my ankle!

It was so bad that I had to call Mike to come pick us up!!!

So, Mike has been making fun of me all night. Well, as we were getting Marshy ready for bed he fell UP the stairs. Oh, did I mention I fell DOWN the stairs this morning? Yeah, I did. Well Mike is now making fun of Marshy for getting my clumsy genes.

Poor, poor Marshy. I'm so sorry you got my clumsy genes. Let's just hope you don't end up with any broken bones because of it. Try to avoid that, okay, Marshy?

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The Peterson Family said...

Yeah, I got those too...remember me sliding down Vicki's stairs? Yeah.