Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What was I thinking?!

When Marshy was 1 I made the above Dinosaur costume for him for Halloween. It was so cute. He loved it....except for the tail and the hoodie and the booties. He didn't really have a choice. I made him wear it anyway. It barely fit last year, so I knew I would have to get him something else this year. I let him pick. BIG MISTAKE!
He picked the turtle. I know, it's cute, but I bought the pattern and HOLY CRAP! There are 40 pieces, at least (I know because I just finished cutting them out while watching The Sound of Music on my Tivo....3 hours)
The pattern maybe only uses 20 of those 40+ pieces, but it's not so much that that I'm concerned about. I read the instructions. The shell is WAY more intensive than the dinosaur hood or tail from several years ago.
Anyway, that's my latest project. I think I'll go look at fabric tomorrow. It's all fleece, and I believe that fleece is on sale at Joann's, so here's hoping I find what I'm looking for! :)


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Holy Cow! 40 pieces!!! ugh. I remember one year making a genie costume for one of my girls and trying to make it modest using the pattern. It worked but it was so much work. This turtle is going to be so cute but so much! Don't throw or give it away. I don't know what happened to the genie costume. I wish I still had it.

DAJP said...

Wow!!!! Forty pieces to a costume. You are amazing for attempting that Jo! I would have said to heck with that. I'm going to buy one! You're such a good mom! Hope you guys are doing alright. Hey, I know it's a while away, but we're coming for Christmas. So, we should totally do something.

Bonnie the Boss said...

He will be the cutest kid on the block! Can't wait to see it! you are a good mom for doing it!