Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sew Little Time, Sew Much to DO!

Why is it that when I have a bazillion projects to work on that I come up with a brilliant idea for an original quilt?

Okay, it might not be brilliant.....

But I think it is!!

I won't tell you right now....I started making it tonight.

I want to see if it turns out, first. I am hoping it does. The picture I drew was awesome! :)

Also, I want to make another bag....thanks a lot MODA BAKE SHOP for posting too many cute things that I feel compelled to keep buying fabric and spending my money at Gracie Lou's. HAHA

I'm sure Shasta doesn't mind. I'm sure she's thanking you right now for posting the cute things that I feel compelled to make and buy fabric from her for.

In other news: Finished my feathered wreath mystery quilt top. Seamed my back. Waiting for the templates to arrive in the mail so I can get quilting! :) Put a client's quilt on in the meantime. Hopefully will finish it by Wednesday. It's HUGE. She wants a feathered heart wreath and an all-over heart. It will be fun. I can't wait! :)

Also, my swamp cooler is bringing in the fresh night air....oh wait, that isn't fresh air.....that is SMOKE smell from the Cedar City fire. UGH! I love the smell of campfire....when I'm camping! Besides, I can only take so much before the allergy medicine gives up on me and I stop breathing all together!

I'm really tired. I keep yawning. It couldn't possibly be because it is currently 2:37 AM, could it? Naw, of course it's not! Oh well. All the same, I'm going up to bed. Unless I fall asleep while I'm typing, which I have done in the past. I can type pretty well with my eyes closed. I even know when I make a typo and can correct it. Crazy, huh? I pride myself on being a good typer. The last time I took a WPM test I was clocking close to 80 WPM. SWEET, huh? :D

Oh, PS - Met baby Claire tonight. SHE IS ADORABLE! Marshy loves her. He says her name so clearly. It's sweet. He kissed her head and tried to grab her out of her sister's arms so he could have a turn....yeah, not so fast kiddo. Anyway....I asked him if he wanted a baby to come live at our house. He said yes. Still not sure how I am feeling about that idea..........maybe after he's potty trained and in kindergarten??? Thoughts?

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