Saturday, September 19, 2009

Precious Moments and Quilting Updates

This little boy is such a cheeser! Every time I get the camera out he runs over shouting "Cheese!" and smiles really big for me. He makes me take a picture every time....not like I wouldn't normally, anyway.

He has been such a sweet boy lately. If I say "Let's go home" he is instantly outside, in the car waiting to be buckled in. If I don't buckle my seat belt he says "East belt mommy!" until I put it on. Sometimes he has even handed it to me! :)

He says "Keep-boo-boo" instead of Peek a boo. He wakes me up every morning by snuggling up next to me in bed before making me take him downstairs for breakfast.

He calls his cousin Jessica "Assy".....still.....We're working on that one. haha

He wants to be a turtle for Halloween. I only have the stomach part of the shell done. He likes to run around the house holding it up to his stomach yelling "Turtle! Turtle! Turtle!"

Also.....I updated my quilting blog. There are some really cute quilts on there, and a beautiful Jelly Roll quilt (I want the pattern!!!). Go check it out!

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