Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Colton's Angels Blog and NEW MOON PARTY!!!

OMG! I am so excited about the new Twilight movie, NEW MOON, that I can hardly stand it!!!

Colton's Angels and Borto Deseret Orphanage are hosting a huge party for New Moon in November. It is going to be awesome!!

They've booked 2 showings of the movie on the night of November 24th. Tickets are $30 and include your seat, concessions, a souvenir, and a donation to Colton's Angels and Borto Deseret.

Borto Deseret is an orphanage in Liberia that my mother-in-law is working with. They have a lot of orphaned and abandoned kids that they take care of. We can't send physical items over to them, because of the cost, but monetary donations go directly to food, clothing, medicines, and bedding for the children.

Colton's Angels has a brand new blog. They are a group of women who provide an annual scholarship for a graduating senior who wants to go into the auto mechanics program. They are also participating in the Festival of Trees this year. In addition to this, they are currently in the process of making comfort items for children and families who need to spend time in the hospital, blankets for fetal demise, and items for newborns in the NICU and nursery.

More details on the NEW MOON PARTY will be announced soon. If you are interested in purchasing a ticket to this party, please contact Colton's Angels at

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