Saturday, February 16, 2008


My husband is the best husband ever! Instead of spending $90 on roses for Valentine's Day, he bought me a Roomba!! AND it is the one that you can schedule a time for it to start and it will do it when you want it to! I am so excited. I don't know when it will get here, but I am really excited.

Earlier this week he ordered some over-sized remote controls as a joke. He bought them, as well as the Roomba, off of WOOT. It's a great site, with awesome deals. Especially on days when there are Woot-offs.


Lola...again said...

You need to go and read this blog about a Roomba! It is on BeanPaste
It is so funny!!!

Neil said...

How does Roomba do stairs? What is Sparky going to do when it starts? Tell Monkey I think he is goofey!!

Busty LaRue said...

It has a stair sensor so that it doesn't fall down them. Sparky will probably go hide upstairs under the bed.