Sunday, February 10, 2008

Finished Product

So I sewed my little fingers to the bone today. Not really, but I did sew a lot! I finally finished my apron. It didn't take very long, only about a week. Considering all the setbacks I had, that was pretty fast.

When I started working on the apron today, I wasn't very far. I had sewn the front panels to the back panels and that was it. I started pinning on the rick rack around the hemline. Once that was sewn on I pinned on the bias tape binding. The pattern called for 1/4 inch, but after all of the problems I had with the 1/4 inch binding on the pockets and center seams, I decided to use 1/2 inch bias tape instead. It was so much easier!!

Here are the results:




The above 3 pictures are of the finished skirt of the apron. I hadn't added on the waistband or the ties yet.


This is the finished product. I made Mike stop playing his game long enough to take pictures of me modeling my completed project.


I am really proud of myself because I finished it just in time for Valentine's week at the floral! YAY!


vickla said...

Very cute!! You will really be a hit at the counter.... I hope it boosts sales! You are the woman!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Its really really cute. I think I like 1/2" binding better, too. The binding and rick rack makes it all pop. Good job.

Lola...again said...

So Cute! Now all you need is an adorable felt heart pin, and you are set!