Sunday, February 3, 2008

Quilting Progress

Hello all of my dear readers! I am excited to tell you that I have finished ALL of my blocks for my quilt! Yes, that is right. All that is left to do is to sew them together into one lovely and beautiful quilt top.

You might be thinking: "Wow, she sure hasn't gotten a lot done since . . . oh, last week when she told us she had the strips sewn. What has she been doing?" Well, dearest readers, I have a 16 month old who loves to climb in the fireplace, torment the dog, play with the bark and pinecones in the decorative shelf, and unload all of my kitchen cabinets. Plus, this week he had a fever. I think he is getting the rest of his teeth. This being said, I haven't exactly had a lot of time to spend on my quilt project.

Last night, Nephew "One-Eye" stayed over. He brought some friends to play Halo 3 downstairs on the XBOX 360. At 2 am I was bushed. I had almost sewn all of my large blocks together. I couldn't see straight, though, and decided to call it a night. Imagine my surprise when I woke up at 8:30 to find Nephew "One-Eye" on the couch, and his two friends asleep on the love sac in the basement! (They were both boys, don't worry. We thought it was quite funny, actually).

Now, if you're wondering why we call Nephew "One-Eye" it is because he really only has one good eye. I guess we could call him Nephew "Bear-Bait", I didn't think of that before. Hmmm...I actually like the sound of that better. But! I digress.

Today I quilted quite a bit. I was watching movies on TBS, and during the commercial breaks would see how much I could get done. My husband laughed at me, especially when I would yell up from downstairs where I was pressing the seams "Is my show back on?!" every 5 seconds.

I took some pictures, and normally would post them here, but my dearest husband has been somewhat of a laptop hog. That is where my camera software resides. I don't know where the disc is, otherwise I would install it on the desktop. So, look forward to pictures as I continue on with my project.

My goal is to finish the quilt top tomorrow and then quilt it on Monday. Fingers crossed! The reason I'm in such a hurry is because the friend I'm making it for is having a baby shower on Saturday. Here I thought I had all the time in the world. But, no, I have until Saturday to finish it. Wish me luck! I'm off to bed so I can get a good quilting start tomorrow!

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Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

Joanna we can go get one any time. I would have invited you but Lola said that your hubby was scuba testing and he could not tend for you. I was not sure how you would enjoy a nice foot rub down with Marshall climbing all over you. So I think we need to do a girls night every once in awhile and go get pampered it was wonderful.