Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So I usually don't participate in these kinds of things, but I felt so honored that Nanette from Freda's Hive tagged me. I read her blog daily, and she does the cutest quilts. I hope that when I grow up I can be like her (with a little of crazy Grand Aunt Lola mixed in! haha. I can't wait to try the whole pink hair thing). That said, I figured "What the heck?!" Here's how to play:

How to play the game . ..

1. When tagged, place the name of the person and URL on your blog
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Write 7 things about yourself
4. Name 7 of your favourite weblogs
5. Send an e-mail letting those bloggers know they have been tagged

Seven things about me:
(Please note: Those of you who read my blog on a regular basis, or know me personally probably already know these "fun facts". Sorry I'm not more interesting)

1. I am married to the greatest guy in the world. We met at the mall. He sold me a cell phone. I didn't need a cell phone, I already had one. Needless to say, he was a pretty good salesman! haha. We have been married for 3 years this June.


He's going to hate me for putting this pic up because it's kinda cheesy, but I love it!

2. I have the most adorable baby EVER. You may think your kid or grandkid is cute. Well you're WRONG! My baby is the cutest! Just see for yourself! Marshy-marsh is 16 months old, and although he has given us several scares in the past 16 months, he is perfectly healthy now and is unusually active (i.e.: can go all day without a nap and still be perfectly content to play with his toys and his "brother")


Marshy's brother is Sparky, a 3 year old Pomeranian Poodle. We also call him Puppy because it's easier for Marshy to say.


This is Sparky when he was a wittle-puppy. So tiny.


And now he is ginormous! haha, j/k. He only weighs 9 lbs, so he isn't THAT big!

3. I am the oldest of two children. My younger brother (who is turning 21 this year! I feel old) and I don't have many pictures together which is why I have to resort to using old wedding photos! To his credit, he has gotten a lot better looking, thanks to a haircut, and now has black hair, thanks to hair dye.


4. I have recently become an avid fan of sewing, quilting, needle crafts, etc. For proof of this, look at previous blog posts. You'll see how crazy I am! I make baby quilts for anyone I know that has a baby.

5. I tend to make a lot of goals. Whether of not I actually keep them is another story. When it comes to crafts and sewing, I do. Other stuff like, oh, vacuuming, not so much. Thank goodness for the Roomba scheduler! :)

6. I like to be organized. People who have seen my home filing system are now saying "YOU? ORGANIZED?! NEVER!" but it's true. I find that even chaos organized is a form of organization. As long as I know where to find stuff, I'm good. But, re-organize my organized chaos and I'm in a heap of trouble! Can't wait to have my own home office....someday Busty, someday.

7. I've never really liked the nickname Busty LaRue until recently. My mom hates it, maybe that's why! hehe. It all started the summer Mike and I got married. We were up at Deer Valley with the whole fam damily. I remember scrapbooking was involved, because somehow a label got printed and perma-stuck to my phone. Nephew Colton has the phone now, but it only says "LaRue". The "Busty" part has peeled off. :( I'm sure it all started because someone commented on my boobs. Thanks a lot guys! I really appreciate it! hehehehe :)

Seven favorite blogs:

1. Lola . . . again - I absolutely love the fun things you blog about. It's nice to know what you're doing without actually having to walk over to your house! haha, just kidding. You know we love to come visit!

2. Angel - Now that she actually has people blogging for her, her blog is great! Keep up the good work Angel! (Not that your banner wasn't fabulous before you had posts. Sometimes I liked to just go there and look at it for a few minutes) :)

3. Diana - Diana can always provide you with the much needed hilarious stories of her crazy husband's exploits. My favorite is the ripped pants one. I think you'll all enjoy it. Go read it. Yes, now. I said go!

4. Petersons - If you ever want to know what obscure holiday to celebrate, go check out Amber's blog. It's great! But it isn't pink. What's up with that Amber?!

5. Scott Peterson - no, not the killer! This is a great blog, especially if you have an inner nerd....or an outer nerd. It doesn't matter.

6. Amber Pendleton - Amber and I were roommates many years ago...okay, so like 3 1/2 years ago, before we were both married. Good Times! Remember the time we took pictures on campus?! haha that was fun. Anyway, if not for this blog, I wouldn't know what my friend who MOVED AWAY was doing! :)

7. Lynsey - This is a great blog, although I've found that now that she is helping Angel blog, her blog is suffering much like Angel's used to before Lyns started helping. Hmmm.....?

Okay, there's my 7! If you've already been tagged, SORRY, but TOO BAD! hahahahaha Okay now, love ya!! Have fun!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What a great post. You are darling and I'm so glad to know more about you. Great pictures.

The funny thing is I thought you were Busty LaRue after the simpson's character. Oh well.

Neil said...

Fun to see all the pictures again. Love the babe and dog. Can't wait to kiss them both. MUM

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

I am going to kick your butt I do not know seven webblogs to put up so what now!!! and my blog is suffering because I have not been blogging at all! I was really sick and then my hubby got really sick (still is) so thats my story