Saturday, December 5, 2009

What do you get....

....The parents who are having a "spiritual Christmas" (a.k.a.: "we're not spending any money this year") (Oh, and you've already bought the gift for one of them)?

....The 3 year old who wants EVERYTHING he sees?

....The husband who likes video games, electronics, and all other really expensive things?

....The grandma who has no sense of smell, can't eat anything with sugar, and you made her a quilt last year, so it has to top that?

....The family you have for Christmas that has 2 boys (Dad and son who love video games, electronics, and all things expensive), and 3 girls (Mom, daughter, and baby who are all diverse in their likes/dislikes)?

....The grandma who's birthday happens to also be on Christmas, so whatever you get is kind of a double gift, but also for Grandpa too, so he doesn't feel left out?

I need help!!!

It is now the 5th of December and I am in such big trouble! Usually I'm done with my shopping by now. I had planned out everything I was going to get people.

Marshy was going to get Woody w/RC and the Buzz Lightyear action figure (until I found out how much they were!).

Mike was going to get a video game (until he decided that he'd rather play the PC than the XBOX 360).

Mom was going to get a sewing machine (until lil' bro didn't pay up his half of the money and the machine is no longer available on the killer sale we were gonna buy it on).

As for everyone else, well.....I was gonna play that by ear, I guess.

Today I did do a little shopping at Wal-Mart (my FAVORITE store EVER!). I bought Elefun for $13.88 (instead of the $25 at Shopko), a fun Spongebob Squarepants magnetic toy w/book, and a $3.00 bargain bin book about dinosaurs. At least Marsh will have some presents now! haha. He is getting a Cars comforter (if I ever finish binding it....I'm so close to being done, it just takes me sitting down at the machine to finish it off, and I don't ever feel like doing that!) and a matching Cars pillow case. I'm sure he's going to be so thrilled to be getting bedding for Christmas, but, oh well!

He's been asking for a "big boy bed." I'm assumming that the crib-turned-daybed is now too small for him. He's getting quite large for it, I must admit. However, buying the "big boy bed" requires buying a new mattress. I love IKEA, but we just haven't found the bed that screams "Marshy" yet.

Can I just say that I absolutely HATE shopping this time of year?? Anyone else feeling as lost and confused this time of year as I am??


Kathi D said...

I am not caught up enough to feel lost and confused. I'm living in a fool's paradise. I'll be lost and confused later.

Sahara said...

... Write out your testimony, or a favorite scripture or two and why, put it on some cute stationary, maybe include your husband's testimony, and give it to them. (If you already got one of them a gift, don't be afraid to still give it to them anyway! sheesh, they'll understand if you don't just want to throw it away)

... no help on the 3 year old end. Don't get him everything he wants though!

... Portal (computer game). It's so fun. It's pretty cheap. It's totally addictive. Kyle loves it.

... Grandmas love sentimental things (see #1 above)

... a) Portal for the geeky guys, and b) a puzzle or family board game. Depending on how small the children are, a "Quiet Play" book for church/concerts could be a good option, considering you're crafty

... How about a nice picture book for Grandma? If she is into temples, there are some very nice pretty books with pictures of all sorts of temples. What else interests her? Architecture? Far-off countries and their beautiful scenery?

And when all else fails... CANDYCANES!