Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve and Other Precious Moments

Before going to the dinosaur museum in November, we stopped at L&L's Hawaiian Barbecue in Provo for lunch. Oh it is the best Hawaiian food I've ever had! Get the Kalua Pork without cabbage. It is so yummy!! Or the chicken katsu...or the spam musubi. Mmmm.....I know what I want for lunch on Monday! haha

Marshy had a shy moment.

"Love you, Dad!"

Marshy shared Mike's chicken katsu, and he LOVED it! of course, he'll eat any meat as long as you tell him it's chicken! haha

One day at the shop, great-niece Gabby decided to play hair salon with Marshy. Marshy didn't seem to care....he was too enthralled with the DS.

Mike's desktop computer is up in our room. He likes to play video games on it, and Marshy likes to sit in our bed next to Mike and play the Nintendo DS. He fell asleep playing one night. So precious!

Pre-Christmas open house at the shop. Cheesing it up, of course!
Marshy woke up at 5 AM on Christmas Eve. The family party was at 6 PM, so we tried to get him to take a nap (or as we called it a "rest"). He wouldn't sleep in his own room, so I had him lie down by me on the couch. Next thing I knew, Mike was waking us up at 5:30!!

At the party, being a kitty cat (or a puppy, depending on the mood)

Playing with Sparky. Sparky wasn't too happy.

"Let me go! Let me go! Momma help me! This little boy is driving me nuts!!"
All the kids opened up pajamas. We forgot to buy him jammies, so we let him open one of his books. He immediately went and sat with Grandma and Grandpa to show them his story.

Dancing with the kids.

Drinking his sprite in a sippy cup.

At the shop, with Alex. I was trying to get the tripod set up for the right height and distance for the Colton's Angels photo, but then we ended up cancelling the meeting. Alex was kind enough to be the model. Marshy saw the camera and decided to cheese it up.

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