Sunday, December 27, 2009

Natural History Museum - Thanksgiving Point

In November we took Marshy to the Natural History Museum at Thanksgiving Point. He had so much fun.
They have an erosion table in one area, and he had so much fun there playing in the water and the sand.
He would go around to all the different spots at the table and take all the little plastic dinosaurs. Then he'd bury them!

Or he'd make them go "swimming". haha

The center area was raised and the kids have to climb through this little space to get there. Marshy was afraid to touch the floor because his hands would get dirty....even though he was playing in sand and water....funny boy! He was so mad when we made him leave that area.

I love these pictures we took of him on the dinosaur. What a cheeser!!

I think this one is my favorite. Cute boy.

There was another section that had fish and sharks and stuff in it. This huge shark totally freaked him out at first!
This is my fat picture, btw. I hate the way I'm smiling, but he's such a cutie I had to put it on here.

What a cheese!

I LOVE this one! "WOAH!"