Monday, December 14, 2009

Best Diet Ever

So, while this whole connective tissue graft has been such a pain in the butt, I have to admit that some good has come out of it.

I have lost 14 pounds in just under 2 weeks. That's pretty good, for me. In fact, when I went to the clinic on Saturday and they took my blood pressure, it's gone down from pre-hypertension to normal! YAY! Who'da thunk that 14 pounds could make that much of a difference?

Ultimately I would like to lose maybe 20 pounds by the time this ordeal is over. I'm supposed to get my sutures out on Wednesday, but unfortunately, due to my own stupidity (i.e.: eating pizza, even though it was cut up into bites), part of the sutures have pulled through, and I think I might have to go in tomorrow and have it reattached. Grrr.... stupid pizza.

Note: I don't recommend doing a Google image search for before/after photos. YIKES! Some people have scary gums. I thought mine were bad but after seeing those photos, I have some hope that they'll turn out okay. :)

Anyway, if you ever want to lose a lot of weight fast, try only chewing on your left molars, not biting into anything, and not drinking out of a straw. That cut out fast food and Coke for me. :( Oh well. Eating every 3-4 hours wasn't all that bad. Soup, spaghetti o's, pasta cut into little bites, applesauce and cottage cheese, yogurt, and lots and LOTS of water certainly has worked out well :)

Who knows? Maybe I'll keep the diet up after I get clearance to bite into things! haha


Jenny said...

Wow!!! Maybe I need some of that. Oh wait. I just need some of this flabby stomach skin cut off. Congrats on the weight loss. Sorry about your gums.

Sahara said...

Lol, I'm willing to bet at least half of that weight loss was due to cutting out fast food and coke!

(Did you know I have seen BLOOD cleaned off cement with Coke? Doesn't that just make you want to drink it?)