Thursday, December 10, 2009

Finally Updated....sort of...and some BIG news!!!

I finally updated my quilting blog!! Yes, I realize that it's now December and I'm just barely posting Halloween quilts.

BUT!! At least I am getting it updated, right? Right? That's what I thought :D

People have done some really great things though, so please, go check it out.

Oh, and in totally other random news.....

Are you ready for the BIG news?

I bet you are.

I bet you're just dying to hear what I'm going to say.

Can you guess??

I bet you can't.

I bet you'll guess wrong. (unless you already know the big news....)


Here it is:


Again, I realize that it isn't until June, but we figured that if we really wanted our party to be as awesome, hopefully better, than the New Moon party, we needed to jump on the opportunity to book it. :) So, it's booked. Keep checking back here and on the Colton's Angels blog for more information. If you're a blogger user (or have a gmail account) you can fan us and get updates directly to your account whenever we post something new. :)

(That's the big news. You all thought it was going to be me announcing I was pregnant or something, right? Let's be honest. I know I'm fat. When the lady at the fabric store asks you if you're expecting.....Let's just say I can take a hint.)


Blakely said...

Yeah, I got all excited thinking you were expecting.

The Peterson Family said...

Yay! That will be fun. I hope I can stay up that late!

Dumm Family said...

Jeesh Joanna! I thought it was awesome the suspense that you were creating. You know you did it on purpose, I mean that is why I kept reading!;) I get it all the time about expecting. Some one named Mike once asked me, and I quote: "So, I am going to ask the Million dollar questin, When are you due?" I believe Stephen was like 15 months old. I carry my baby weight real well. It wasn't your Mike just to clarify.