Friday, October 14, 2011

Sewing Summit, Part 3

Saturday afternoon we had the best lunch EVER!  I totally should've taken pictures of all the food we ate because it was sooooo good.  I love food.  I love kitchen gadgets (you'll find out why later).  I love anything to do with food....except for actually cooking it.  I can't cook.  So when I get an awesome meal, I totally appreciate it.

In Amanda's class
Lunch was no exception.  Lunch was awesome!  There was yummy salad, the most delicious veggie sandwich I have ever had in my entire life, and OMG the brownies!!

In addition to the yummy food, we had some awesome company!  I met so many talented and amazing people.  We even played this fun game, Prom & On (tell your life story from Sr. Prom until now in less than 2 minutes).  It was so fun to hear what everyone has done and how they got started in the sewing/creating world.

I got to meet her! She is awesome!!

After lunch we had some time before our classes started again.  A group of us sat on the couches and chairs in the hotel lobby in front of the fireplace and worked on our handwork.  Some people drew, some people knitted/corcheted, some people embroidered.  I worked on my hexies.   Mike and Marshall stopped by and everyone just loved Marshy.  He was so funny.  Then I went to Quilts 101 (with Amy Smart) and Mini Quilts (with Amanda, AKA @heyporkchop on Twitter).

I've never made a mini quilt before, I was always too scared to do it, and didn't really understand what made a mini quilt.  After taking Amanda's class, I totally want to make one!  She was so encouraging and motivating about not feeling guilty about buying fabric you like and only making 1 block (for a mini quilt), and about just having fun and really doing what you love.

Me and Chris (@Frecklemama on Twitter)
I have to admit that I am one of those people who has spent the huge $$ on fabric to make a quilt, made 1 block and said "I hate this," as I put the project away forever.  Now I can find uses for those single, loner blocks and maybe even for the oodles of fabric I've never used! :)

Bento Kid's Meal

After classes were over I met up with my boys and we rode the TRAX down to the Gateway Mall.  We had dinner at the Thaifoon Asian restaurant.  Marshy's dinner came in a bento box!!  (P.S. - isn't that the funniest forced smile you've ever seen on a kid?  Had me laughing pretty hard when I took the picture!)

While we were waiting for our food to arrive, I had this brilliant idea for a Halloween-themed mini quilt.  Some of the advice Amanda had given us was to always carry a notebook in case inspiration struck.  Well, I left my notebook in my hotel room (doh!) so I needed something to draw on.  The only thing I could find was Marshall's menu and a purple crayon!  Yes, that is exactly what I used.

See, I had this great idea based off of a cookie cutter that Mike had bought me from Sur la Table earlier that afternoon.  And of course, being the kitchen gadget addict enthusiast that I am, I had to go there before we ate dinner.  Mike had already bought me a clear spatula (well, he thought it was clear but it was really glittered!) and a Zombie-shaped cookie cutter.

When I went in the store, I would've bought the whole place out if I could afford it!  I love that store!!  I bought a pasta drying rack for when we make homemade fettuccine, an apple corer so I would actually eat apples (I hate having to cut out the core), a pair of onion goggles, and a pink polka-dot knife (because if I spent $5 more I got a free year of Martha Stewart Living or something awesome like that, and I'm a sucker for freebies!).  What I really wanted though were sets of these in all the different colors, but Mike said no.  (See, I told you I loved kitchen items!  Wanna know how many times I've used any of the things we bought yet?  Yeah, none.  They're still in the bag!  I swear, when I'm old and crazy I'll end up on Hoarders for either my fabric stash or my kitchen gadgets.)

After dinner we rode TRAX back to the hotel, I changed into my comfy clothes, and went downstairs to free sew.  It was so much fun, and I admit that I didn't actually get a ton done, but I had a blast.  By the time I rolled myself into bed somewhere between 11 and 12, I was beat!  Also, my feet looked like this.  Yeah, just a little swollen.  I had perma-sock line and no ankles well into Sunday night, but it was totally worth it!

Stay tuned to hear what we did on Sunday at the Sewing Summit!!

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