Monday, October 10, 2011

Sewing Summit, Part 2

Saturday morning came really early.  Classes started at 9 AM.  Now, many of you who know me know that I am sooo NOT a morning person.  I "wake up" around 7, get Marshy breakfast, then go back to bed until about 8:30 at which point I proceed to get ready for the day and show up at the shop around 9....or 10.

Getting up for breakfast before 9 was hard, but I did it.  I went to breakfast at the Coffee Shop in the hotel with Mike and Marsh.  I had pancakes, eggs, bacon, orange juice, and water. I seriously stuffed myself past full!  Then I hurried off to class, leaving my boys to fend for themselves for the day.

I found out later that the boys rode TRAX down to the Clark Planetarium at the Gateway Mall.  Apparently Marshy was terrified of the train at first, but after a while he loved it.  Mike showed him which station they got on and which one they needed to get off on the Free Fare Zone map they had.  At the planetarium Marshy had a grand old time, and even pretended he was walking on the moon and on Mars.

While the boys were off playing, I was having tons of fun in Bari Ackerman's class (AKA @BariJ on Twitter).  She taught Bags 101, and did a FABULOUS job!  I learned so much!  I bought the kit to make the bag she discussed in class (which she brought with her, so I have it now and can't wait to make it!!).  She told us several tips and tricks and helpful hints for making the bag.

After Bari's class it was Jana's class.  You might know her as Lola Again, or @IzzynIvyJana on Twitter.  She taught Garments 101.  Oh my heck! Her handout was HI-larious!!  I took a picture of the first page because it totally made me laugh!

I mean, seriously!  Look at it!  It's so totally how I view myself when I take measurements!

Me with Rachel (@IamSweetTeaMom)
She also gave everyone a pattern.  I got the Princess Bella pattern.  I was so excited!  With baby girl coming, I totally need it, and I can't wait to see my darling little girl dressed in this beautiful outfit!

Me with Bari (@BariJ)


Me with Sharon (@aprairiesunrise)
Jana (@IzzynIvyJana) with Rachel (@IamSweetTeaMom)

After class it was time for photos with all of our twitter buddies.  We all had to prove to our spouses that we really knew each other in real life.  We aren't all just imaginary friends! haha

After Jana's class we went downstairs to the ballroom and had lunch, but I'll write more about that in the next post! ;)

Be sure to stay tuned for Part 3 of my Sewing Summit recap!

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