Monday, May 31, 2010

WHAT THE ?????

Okay, I need to vent for a second. So, if you happen to be a HUGE fan of Dexter and have yet to see the Season 4 finale, then DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! There are some HUGELY major spoilers ahead!

Okay, you who have seen it: you still with me??

Was anyone else MAJORLY disturbed by how the season ended? I mean, seriously?!

Why in the crap did they decide that they needed to kill Rita?! I liked Rita! Yes, sometimes she was a little needy, but then, she had every right to be because Dex wasn't always there when she needed him, and he was lying quite frequently to her, so do you blame her for being needy? No!

And what's going to happen to the kids? Yes, Dexter will most likely keep Harrison, because he's the dad, but what about the other 2?? He doesn't have legal ties to them now that Rita's dead, does he? I don't recall them ever mentioning him adopting them. So what now? Where do they go?

I am seriously disturbed. I wonder if I'll be able to go to sleep now (it's 1 AM here) because I'm so wound up by this season finale!

Couldn't they have just let Dex kill Trinity and go meet Rita in the Keys like he was supposed to? Why did they have to screw everything up, just when Dexter realized he could be good and push the darkness away? OOOHHH we are so angry with them right now at our house!

Okay, I'm done, for now. Feel free to leave your feelings on the matter in the comments. I really would love to hear what the rest of you who saw the finale thought of it. :D

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