Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's not a far drive....

I am going crazy.

And let me tell you, it's not a far drive for me right now.

What is driving me crazy, you ask?

Well, my cousin just had a baby. Due to some other circumstances I won't get into right now, I've sworn off giving away baby quilts to newborns for a while.

One day, about two weeks ago, I was flipping through one of my hundreds of quilting magazines, and found the PERFECT gift to give her. It was quilted wall art, with some embroidery on it. It was the perfect thing: handmade, but simple - totally not a big deal (unlike a quilt).

Well, do you think I can remember what magazine it's in?

Do you think that even after going through, page by page, all of my many hundreds of magazines I can find it?

Yeah, that would be a big fat no. I have no idea where this pattern went. I'm sure I could come up with my own, but the pattern they had was seriously perfect for what I wanted to do....and I can't remember now! :(

So, if you perhaps would maybe know where this pattern is, shoot me a comment, won't ya? Thanks so much! And know that it just might save my sanity for a little while longer. haha

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