Monday, May 3, 2010

Pirate Island Pizza

We went to Pirate Island Pizza at the beginning of April. I went a little camera happy, but Marshy was just acting so funny I couldn't help it!

This time we got him a high chair and strapped him in good. He was a little bored waiting for his food.

We had to coax a smile out of him.

He was so happy when his drink finally came!

Such a happy boy with his Sprite.
This picture didn't really turn out how I wanted, but you can see him on the slide. We finally gave up making him eat his food and let him go play while we finished our dinner.

He was so afraid of the "big" slide!

He got along pretty well with the other kids in the play area.

He didn't like sharing the wheel with the other kids, though.
He eventually got control of it AND the spyglass.

We had a lot of fun, even though the food wasn't that great. I was disappointed, actually, because the food was so good the first time we ate there. Marshy loves it so much, though, so I'm sure we'll go back again...probably for his birthday this fall.

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