Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 2 or "Lunch at the Thai Cottage"

We went to Edmonds today.  Found out that the lady we were going to surprise had actually moved to Idaho.  Two days ago.  Oops! That's what we get for not calling ahead. haha

Then we went to the downtown district and walked around.  We took the ferry across to Kingston, walked around for a bit, then rode the ferry back.  We then were ready for lunch as it was about 1:30.

We decided to eat at the Thai Cottage.  We didn't talk a lot, because the two parties on either side of us were doing plenty talking for us.  The couple behind us was particularly peculiar.  We never really saw the woman's face, but we assumed she was Asian.  The man was white.  Upon being seated he started reading some mortgage paperwork, loudly enough that the whole restaurant could hear it.

When they ordered, he ordered for both of them:

"We'll split a number 15, because you weren't that hungry to begin with, huh?"
she said something we couldn't hear.

Later in the conversation, the man says to the woman:

"Mmm. This is yummy.  You need to get the recipe so you can make this at home. In your wok." and then he proceeded to make the racial steriotypical noice that Bruce Lee makes when doing his karate/kung fu "waaaah!"  It was incredibly loud.  Mike and I were trying not to laugh.

When it came time to pay his bill, the man said to the woman, and the waiter:

"Man that was bigger than I thought it would be.  It's a good thing we only ordered one.  But you understand." (said to the waiter)

They paid, then left.  Now, while all of this was going on, the party next to us was having a raucous time as well.  It was a group of 5 or 6 women, discussing their friend, Celeste.  Mike says he was totally enthralled by the following conversation.

Celeste had gotten bit by a spider below the Mason-Dixon line.  She wanted her friend to see the bite, so she took a picture of the bite with her camera phone.  The friend refused to look at it.  Later, she was at Celeste's house when Celeste pulled her into the bathroom and insisted she look at the bite. 

Also, we learned that one year for Halloween, Celeste dressed up like a Playboy bunny.  If Celeste (who wasn't present) looked anything like her other friends, we're pretty sure we don't want to see her dressed up as a Playboy bunny.....or the spider bite below the Mason-Dixon line.  Yup.

Yep, great times at the Thai Cottage. 

Oh, other highlights from today?  TONS of jellyfish in the water.  The boat ran over a whole bunch of them.

Bought some authentic African fat quarters at a shop called Fabric of Life.  Went to the Kingston quilt shop and the quilt shop around the corner from our hotel (Keepsake Quilting? or something similar in name).  Bought the shop hop pattern pack, since I won't be making it to many more of the shops.  Maybe 1 or 2 in Seattle. We'll see.

Speaking of Seattle - Our nav system thinks Seattle is pronounced seagul, only with a tuh sound.  It made us laugh.

We had dinner at Jaliscos, a Mexican place.  It was pretty good.  I wanted fried ice cream, but they gave us our check before asking us to order dessert.  In fact, they never asked us to order dessert.  Mike went and paid the bill, then we drove off the the QFC to get me some ice cream (I have a sore throat, it is medicinal! haha)

While at the QFC we also bought some window wipes to wash the inside of our windshield.  While I was wiping the windshield down, the car decided to get back at me for all the abuse over the years and threw the rear view mirror at my face.  My lip bled.  It hurt.  Mike laughed so hard he cried.  I just cried.  Mike said "don't cry."  I cried anyway.  He laughed harder, making him cry more. 

Then we went back to the hotel.  Our hotel has cookies every night.  I got one for me and one for Mike.  Mike ate his.  While I got our room key out, he held my cookie.  NEVER AGAIN!  He ate my cookie!!!!!!! And then he wouldn't get me another one!  RUDE!

So, now we're getting ready to just relax and watch TV/movies all night.  Tomorrow we go to the gem/jewelry show!  YIPEE!

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