Friday, February 12, 2010

Send me no flowers

I've had enough! It's Valentine's weekend. I don't want to see another flower for a couple of days, after tomorrow.

Unless, of course, Mike decides to buy me some on his own, and I don't have to make them.

Of course, my HCG diet was his present to me, so he probably won't be getting me flowers, which is OK.

Worked 10 hours today, a few hours Thursday afternoon, and plan on working all day tomorrow too at the floral shop.

Can I tell you something stupid? The local high school had a semi-formal, flowered dance 3 weeks ago. It was girls' choice. Tomorrow (Saturday) is the Valentine's dance: semi-formal, flowered, and boys' choice. Do they not realize how expensive flowers are?? And how stupid is it to have a dance just 3 weeks after the last one? It's dumb, that's what it is.

So, if you don't hear from me for a couple of days, I am either dead or recovering from V-Day.


Kathi D said...

We never had that many formal dances at school!

I hope the flower-making doesn't kill you. Eat some chocolate! Oh wait, no, don't do that. Just rest!

The Peterson Family said...

That is dumb! They are going to brainwash HS students into thinking it's actually OKAY to spend so much money on dumb dances! Poor parents I say!
At least you have Sunday to recharge right?

DAJP said...

I know! Utah is crazy with how many dances they have. Especially Spanish Fork. I remember we had so many dances. I believe we had one every month. And yes, it did get expensive.

Blakely said...

This weekend we went and saw Valentine's Day, and it has several scenes in a florist shop and thought about you and how busy you must be.