Monday, February 15, 2010


I'd like to introduce you to Puppy. (Here he is with Marshy in August...he has since lost a little weight and turned grey, but we still love him)

Puppy is Marshy's best friend in the whole world, next to Mommy of course.

Puppy goes everywhere Marshy does: even to the potty, although Mommy puts her foot down and insists that Puppy sits on the couch in the living room.

Daddy watched Marshy and Puppy on Saturday while Mommy worked at Sweetbriar for Valentine's Day. Apparently, the whole day Puppy was "sad." This is the convo according to Mike:

Marsh: Puppy's sad.
Dad: Why is Puppy sad?
Marsh: Cuz Puppy's mom is gone.
Dad: Oh.
Marsh: Marshall's sad too.
Dad: Why is Marshall sad?
Marsh: Cuz Marshall's mom is gone.

HOW CUTE IS THAT?! I mean, it's sad, but cute too, that he missed me that much. Sweet boy.

Today Puppy got wrapped up in a towel at work and took a nap next to Marshy, because "Puppy's seepy, he's gonna go take a rest." Then Puppy woke up and helped Marshy do a puzzle and eat his lunch. Funny Puppy! When we got home he even played the DS! haha. Marsh really has Puppy play, too....he holds the stylus and Puppy's paw in his hand and then plays the game that way, so that Puppy can have a turn.

I can't wait to see what Puppy and Marshy do tomorrow.


Kathi D said...

You had better NEVER let Puppy get lost. It happened to the son of a friend, and even though she had a backup (his was a puppy too) and she tried to rag it up to look like the one that was lost, he knew right away it was the WRONG puppy. Yikes!

Lizard said...

Your kid is a-dor-able!