Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Future Florists

A week or so ago they kids all got to make flower arrangements at the shop. Marshy had so much fun doing it! He loved his flowers, and wouldn't let me throw them away until they were really dead. haha

He's such a good little arranger.

Happy with his creation.

Marshy's cousin Tay with his arrangement (behind him).

You can see cousin Gabby in the background with her flowers.

I had a hard time getting Marshy to smile...
This was about as close as I got! haha He's stuffind his mouth with french fries...that's probably why he's smiling!


Bonnie the Boss said...

It is really cute to see those kids all playing together! I think you are awesome to let them create!

Kathi D said...

What fun for the kids! That's a project I have never seen done with kids before--but what a great way for them to create with colors.

Lizard said...

What a blast! I am green with envy!! Lucky, lucky kids.