Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some Funny Moments

Marshy has started to dance. He does this funky thing with his arms. I wish you could see it, because it is AWESOME! He locks his fingers together and then rocks his arms up and down, back and forth in front of him while shaking awkwardly to the music. It's just further proof that he is, in fact, a white boy with no rythm whatsoever! :D
He likes to make Keisha, his cousin, dance with him. She turns the radio on at work and he loves to dance to it. So cute to watch!
As you can see, Christmas is down, and he has decided that he likes to be spun. Not just spun around in a circle, but gripped by the wrists and full on "flying" through the air in a circle. He doesn't even get dizzy!! NOT FAIR! Keisha and I took turns the other day, and we both about ran into things we were so dizzy!

This one is a little camera wouldn't cooperate. (Ms. Kodak...if you're listening... I'm going to have to start taking Mr. Nikon to work with me instead of you if you can't behave!) P.S. - That's a roll of batting behind him, with my machine to the left of him.

Anyway, I was taking a few pictures of the Gracie Lou's monthly table runner, and Marsh came up and practically stood in front of the camera until I took a picture of him. He loves to have his picture taken, which is good, because I'm going to have to take him to get his pictures done soon.

It's only been since November 2007 since we had them done. 2 years, no big deal....except he didn't have hair then. And he couldn't walk away yet... although he was quite the crawler. :)

Don't worry, I won't be booking with Kiddie Kandids (scroll down and read the letter to employees. Can you believe companies can get away with that kind of stuff: "there is no money for payroll, past or future" SO GLAD I don't work for them, but my heart goes out to all of those employees who haven't been paid and now won't be. Really sucky way to start the new year).... I think I'll stick with good ole JC Penney Portrait Studio. They are just as good, and were half the price as KK (no wonder they went out of business!)