Thursday, December 9, 2010

Overheard at our house

Munchkin: Dad, McDonald's or Wendy's?
Dad: McDonald's.
Munchkin: McDonald's or Tokyo?
Dad: Tokyo! Of course!
Munchkin: WRONG! You only get two choices. McDonald's or Wendy's, and Wendy's is closed. So.....McDonald's?
Dad: Fine.
Munchkin: YAY! McDonald's!


Lynsey Lou said...

does that mean he wanted to eat mcdonalds? or just asking what was the favorite?

Busty LaRue said...


He wanted to go to McDonald's for dinner. We told him once a while ago that we couldn't go to McDonald's because they were closed, so we had to go to Wendy's. Now he's using our own words against us! he's too dang smart!!