Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Readiness Update

Remember the list from my last post?  Well, I've actually finished a few things from it!  (I know, you're all gasping in surprise, and then laughing, that I've actually finished something. Go ahead and laugh. It won't hurt my feelings.  I'm laughing too! haha)

So, here's what I've finished:

Quilted 2 quilts for clients (1 quilt left!!!)
Bound 3 quilts for clients
Halfway finished making my mom's present (hoping to finish tonight)

I did clean the kitchen, which isn't quite the living room, but it's close.... hoping to get the living room tomorrow

I also found the camcorder, and all it's charging components.  Haven't plugged it all in yet....will do so tomorrow.  Same with the camera (charging cables are at work, instead of home)

Tomorrow I'm hoping to finish the last client quilt before Christmas, and do both of my SIL's quilts.  I also have a small quilt for my MIL, which shouldn't take more than a few minutes to do. This would leave me with OOOOOODLES of time on Friday to wrap presents, quilt and bind the quilt for my family ( least quilt it! haha) and possibly even get our Christmas cards out in the mail this week (although I honestly wouldn't hold my breath on that one...sorry peeps!)

Not sure if any of you who read my last post actually were wishing me luck, but it sure does feel like it, because I am feeling like I've gotten a lot completed....although my list still looks like it came from Hades....

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mallorymallorah said...

Way to go! It sounds like you crossed off some of the biggest things from your list. I really never doubted that you could do it!!