Saturday, July 3, 2010

Prayers for Grandma

This is my grandma.  The photo was taken at my wedding, 5 years ago.  I'm sure I have a slightly more recent photo somewhere, but I don't know where it would be.

Grandma is 87, her birthday is in August and she will be 88.  She is an amazing lady.  She makes the best peanut brittle in the world.  Also, the best "lumps" (a flour/cinnamon/sugar dish).  I seriously need to get the recipe from her, because it is awesome.  I grew up eating both.

Grandma has been without Grandpa for quite a while.  Grandpa passed away in 2000 (His funeral was the day before my 16th birthday, that's how I remember).  Grandpa would be turning 90 this year, if he were still with us.

Grandma has been sick for a while.  She recently hurt her toe, how we are unsure.  She tried to treat it at home, but it didn't work.  She finally went to a doctor.  They had to cut out the toenail and the infection.  While she was in there, the doctor suggested she get checked out because her circulation was bad in her legs.  So, my aunts made appointments for her to see some specialists.  They discovered that she had 90% arterial blockage in one artery and 100% in the other, in each leg.  They scheduled a surgery.

After the surgery (and some other drama, but that's a whole other story for another day), the doctors checked on her.  She was fine. A few minutes later she began to bleed out.  Her veins had collapsed.  Luckily the doctors and nurses were all still in the room.  They were able to stop the arterial bleed and fixed the problem.

Grandma got to go home.  While at home, she fell, and opened up the artery again.  My aunt, who was staying with her, stopped the bleeding in time. 

Grandma is now at LDS Hospital.  She is undergoing more tests and procedures.  We're hoping that she'll be able to go home in the next few days.  My dad has been instructed to keep me updated with every happening that, well, happens.

I know that Grandma is old and has been alone for almost 10 years, but we love her and want her to get better.  If you could, please keep Grandma in your prayers, if you're the praying type.  Thank you.

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Heather said...

Lots of prayers for your grandma and your entire family. She sounds like an amazing woman.