Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sad Yet Glad

A sad thing happened to these pants today. I was at the shop, cutting up the fabric I bought last year to make my curtains for our apartment, and I got stuck on a screw that was jutting out from the counter. Now I have a huge hole in the side of my pants.

The good news though? The really awesome discount is still going on Amazon, so I got another set for $11.65 + free shipping with Amazon prime. So, since I'm still losing some weight, and plan on losing more, and my current size is falling off of me, I bought the next size smaller. I'm sure the jacket won't fit, but the jacket I have is fine still! :)

My new set is coming on Tuesday. WOOHOO! So excited! Now that I'm thinking about it, I should have gone back and ordered the blue set too while I was at it. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow!

1 comment:

Gayle said...

I want some... Tell me where to go to order them please