Saturday, April 10, 2010

I haven't posted a lot lately, and I'm sorry.

I'm currently trying to re-organize my life.

See, I just acquired a whole bunch of furniture from my parents, who no longer needed it. It's going to make my life a lot neater, easier, and more organized....but until I get everything sorted, put away, cleaned and organized life is a little hectic.

How hectic?

Let's just say that my husband asks me what I've done all day, and when I say "I cleaned and organized {insert room here}" he looks at me like I'm crazy. Then I quantify with "But you can only judge me on this section of the room...doesn't it look so much better?" haha He doesn't find it amusing.

So, I promise to post pictures and better posts soon.

In fact, I can guarantee a post in the near future, because I've done a lot of online shopping, and have some really great things to share when I actually get a second to sit down and upload pictures.

Oh, and did I mention that I have 30 quilts at work? 6 are mine, 1 is my MIL's, but the rest are for clients. Yeah, been working late nights again. It feels like December all over! haha

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