Sunday, April 4, 2010


I'm getting new furniture on Monday.

Well, it's not new, but it's new to me. My parents are getting rid of some of their furniture, and offered it to us. I'm so excited!!

Of course, this means that I have to move a whole bunch of stuff around, reorganize everything and make space for the new furniture.

I'm getting a secretary desk with bookshelf hutch, a buffet-type piece, a 3-drawer night stand, a tall bookshelf, and a sewing cabinet. I'm so excited for all of these pieces!! (especially the sewing cabinet!!)

I'm going to put the desk and the sewing cabinet in the kitchen/dining area. If my cookbooks fit on the shelves in the secretary hutch, then I'll put them there. I can move some of the books onto the new bookshelf, which is going to go upstairs in our room, and then maybe I can take both of my smaller shelves to work. I'm going to move all of the quilting/crafty books/magazines to work where I can utilize them.

I'm still deciding on the buffet-type piece. I might put it upstairs in our room, but it might go downstairs, too...we'll see. It would match better upstairs, so I'm more inclined to do that.

The 3-drawer night stand is going to in Marshy's room, most likely. I might like it in our room, but if I put it there, I'll need to sand it down and paint it a different color. Well, I'd have to do that for Marshy's room, too, but not necessarily as soon as if it were to be in my room.

Anyway, I'm really excited. Tomorrow I'm going to finish cleaning, moving, organizing, etc. I'll take pictures once everything is redone and the furniture is all in place.

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Jillybean said...

How exciting! New stuff is always fun.