Monday, July 27, 2009


So, I went on vacation over the weekend. I've kind of been freaking out because my court date is set for August 25th, and the process servers had until July 25th to serve the papers. I hadn't heard anything from them yet, and I was starting to worry that I would have to re-file my court papers.

Well...... I got a phone call Thursday morning before I left.

What was this phone call? you ask.


FINALLY, after 4 MONTHS of trying to catch her, they finally served her the papers.

They told me she was a major bizzo to the girl who served her. I guess she was saying stuff like "You can't serve me those!" and "I'm not accepting this!" and "GET OFF MY PROPERTY!"


Funny thing she obviously doesn't know: in Utah, all the server has to do is have contact of some sort with the person. Talking to them totally counts, so the papers count as being served. YAY FOR ME!

The server left the papers for her and reported back to the office, who then called me.

YAY! This means no refiling paperwork. No more having to worry.

The only thing I am concerned about is what if she tries to beat me up at the courthouse? Or yells at me? But then, Mike reminded me that there are security guards all over the place, and if she so much as touches me then she is in trouble.

Anyway, that is my happy news for the weekend.

We took lots of pictures on vay-cay, but Blogger won't let me upload them right now, so check back later to see how much fun Marshy had on his first cabin experience. Also, I uploaded pictures on my quilting blog of some really cute quilts. My favorite is "Ethan's Quilt" so please go check it out (comments are kindly appreciated).

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Kathi D said...

Yay for the servers!

Hey, don't worry if she tries to beat you up at the courthouse. In fact, try to induce her to violence--you'll be RICH! No, forget I said that. Bad idea.

But just in case she does try anything, make sure you get a photo! Ka-CHING!