Monday, July 27, 2009

Bear Lake Day 1

We went to Bear Lake over the weekend. We drove up Thursday afternoon. Friday morning we decided to go to the Ice Cave, elevation 7800 feet above sea level.
Marshy was so good to hold Daddy's hand on the climb up to the cave. The guy in the front is my little brother, Jon.
This is the view from the top down into the cave. As you can see, there are people rappelling there.

When you walk around to the bottom entrance of the cave, there's a small river/pond-ish thing. There's a rickety old wooden bridge that you have to walk across. It's kind of creepy because you walk in from the sunlight into total darkness for a second. It's weird.

Uncle Jonny and Daddy standing on the snow. There is snow year-round in the cave.

The view from the bottom up to the top. Again, you can see the climbing ropes. There were 2 younger people learning how to rappel. It was kind of funny, because the girl was totally freaking out. It wasn't very deep, maybe only 50 feet or so?

Marshall playing around and exploring. These photos are courtesy of Mike.

Marshy LOVES snow! He was so excited.....until he found out it was muddy snow and he fell on his butt. Then he wasn't too happy.

My dad and my brother watching Marshy from behind the giant block of snow.

Climbing up the rocks. There are crevices and spaces in the cave that go back deeper. I've never spelunked into them, but I sure do think that would be fun! Maybe when I get skinny and don't have to worry about getting stuck, huh?

Marshy was a little unsure about the bridge, even though he kept yelling "BRIDGE!" He loves bridges. He is funny. He had a lot of fun. It's quite chilly down in the cave, hence the snow, but going from the cold to the heat was nice. Then it started to rain a little, so that cooled us off, too. It was a fun little excursion.

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Bonnie the Boss said...

I so want to go there next time it looks like fun! I will have to get directions before I go!