Monday, May 9, 2011

Best Mother's Day Prank Ever

For Mother's Day, since the quilts I was making didn't get finished in time, I decided to send flowers to my grandmas.

I called the florist on Friday (I know, I know, totally last minute, and I should know better, working at a floral myself), and they were really great to help me out.  The card I had them put with the flowers said:  "Happy Mother's Day! We love you! Love, Mike, Joanna, Marshall, and baby."  hehehehehehe sneaky, huh?

We were planning on telling my parents Sunday night at dinner at their house.  My MIL pointed out though that if my grandma got the flowers, she might call and ruin the surprise, so we had better order flowers for my parents as well.  So I did.

Their card said "Happy Mother's Day.  Congratulations on your new baby! Love Mike and Joanna."  hehehehhee

It was supposed to be delivered Friday or Saturday morning.  By about 2 PM I hadn't heard anything.  I texted my dad.

Me: Hey, did mom get any flowers for mother's day?
Him: The floral just called about a delivery.
Me: OK, cuz I was going to bring some up if she didn't get any. I guess I'll find something else to do now.

(I am sooooo sneaky! and it's a good thing I did it by text, because I couldn't keep a straight face/level voice to save my life! hehehehe)

When we saw them today, they told us how surprised they were.  At first, after the florist called, they said that they thought the flowers were from me, but then my mom pointed out that it didn't make sense for me to send flowers when I work at a floral.  They were so surprised!

This is by far the best mother's day prank ever, I'm sure of it! haha

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