Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More OPAM finishes - Just in time!

Wow, so apparently I am such an overachiever!  I finished 2 more Christmas ornaments tonight.  I know, I'm crazy insane!
Mike makes fun of me because I've been working on Christmas ornaments in June, but I tell him that if I wait until December to do it, it will never get done! haha.

So, here's two more finishes for June, making, I believe, a total of 13 finished items! WOOT WOOT!

More OPAM finishes - June

Okay, so I took pictures of everything, but then left the camera at work, so I promise to add pictures in later. 

Remember how I went on vacation, and had a big old list of things that I was gonna get done.  Yeah, didn't. But, I did get a couple of quilts bound, so I guess that's progress, right?

So anyway, here is the first quilt that I bound.  It was for our Twilight Saga: Eclipse party last night.

I also finished binding the "OZ" quilt and a Halloween placemat/table topper that I had quilted a while ago. Like I said, I have the pictures, just at work, so I will update this post later and add the pictures in. 

I actually feel like I got a lot accomplished this month.  I quilted a whole bunch of my personal quilts, but I'm not going to count them as finishes until they are bound (part of the OPAM rules).  So, hopefully next month they will be bound and count as finishes.

Also, I have a couple more of the Christmas cross-stitch ornaments that I'm working on, so here's to getting them done next month, too.  We'll see, I guess :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Remembering Why We Donate

Hey everyone!  I'm still on vacation, but as the 29th gets closer and closer, I get more excited.  For those of you who haven't heard, we are hosting a party.  We rented out a HUGE theater in Orem, Utah, and are selling tickets to the MIDNIGHT showing of the newest Twilight film:  Eclipse.  We are selling the tickets for $30.  For your money, you get your movie ticket (about $9 value), a $5 gift card to concessions, and a thank you gift.  You also get a chance to win one of our fabulous door prizes (keep reading....there will be sneak peaks of some of them later on in this post).  The rest of the $30 goes to the two charities we are trying to raise money for, which is around $16. 

Why am I telling you all this?  Because I have met with a lot of the following when trying to sell tickets:

"Why do I have to pay $30 to come see the movie when I could just pay $14? What's the big deal?"


"Well if it wasn't so expensive of a party to come to, then I would come, but it's not worth it to spend $30."

And my personal favorite:

"Well we didn't win anything last time we went to one of your fundraiser parties.  If you could guarantee me a prize then I'd donate and go."

So might I gently remind people that it is not just a party?  We are raising money for charities.  One of these charities does not have a steady flow of income.

Here is a little more about the charities.  (If you're waiting for the prize sneak peeks, keep reading.  They're coming, I promise!)

Colton Ray Stewart passed away in 2008.  He was a great kid.  He had his life planned out.  Later in 2008, as a way to deal with everything and keep moving forward, a group of us got together and formed Colton's Angels.  We decided that we would focus on making items for the hospital that took care of Colton while he was sick. 

We have made and donated tons of things:  stuffed animals for the ER and pediatrics, coloring kits for the kids in pediatrics, activity books for the ER, blankets for the kids in pediatrics, and "Survival" kits for the families in the ICU waiting room.  We are currently putting together newborn kits for families who have nothing to dress their baby in to take him/her home.  We are also working on making blankets for Fetal Demise.

We gave away our second annual Colton Ray Stewart scholarship this year to a graduating senior who had the desire to pursue a career in mechanics, and was heading to mechanics school.

We plan on participating again in the Festival of Trees.  Last year our tree was "Our Guitar Hero" and was purchased by a family who donated it to the local Ronald McDonald House. 

While we have a small, steady source of money coming in (we meet every month, and each member in attendance pays "dues"), some things we do cost more money (like the Festival of Trees, where 100% of the proceeds go directly to Primary Children's Hospital, another hospital close to our hearts).

These are some of the children at the Borto-Deseret Orphanage in Liberia.  There are about 40 children who live in this orphanage and school.  They cannot be adopted.

These kids have really, only the most basic of needs:  food, clothing, shelter, and medicine for malaria.

The above pictures are of when the children were given chairs to sit on while they learn.

These kids don't have a lot.  What money gets sent to the orphanage goes mainly toward food and medicine.

So, why all this?

Because sometimes it helps to remember why we are doing this.  Why we are having this huge party and charging a little more money than you'd normally spend to go and see it.  We are trying to make a difference in these kids lives, and in the lives of others. 

We received an email last month from someone whose child received one of our items at the hospital.  Their child had needed to go to the ER for an injury, and received one of the small stuffed animals we had donated.  The parents were so grateful for that, because it made the hospital visit easier (for parents and child).

In contrast:  I had to take my son to the ER a few years ago, in an ambulance, because he had had several seizures.  He couldn't breathe, and had to be put on oxygen during the ambulance ride.  I was so freaked out and scattered that I grabbed the diaper bag, full of diapers and wipes, but no blanket, no puppy, no bottle.  Nothing to comfort him.  The several hours we spent in the ER would have been infinitely easier had we had something he could snuggle with, besides Mommy, that would comfort him just a little. 

How many parents experience that daily?  How many parents, children, families would have an easier time, and less traumatizing experience at the hospital with just a small comfort item?  That is why we do what we do. 

It doesn't matter what you do to help change the world, as long as you try.  The smallest act of kindness can touch someone's life.  By purchasing a ticket to our Eclipse party, that is what you are doing.  You are guaranteed to help someone, somewhere, whether here in our community, or at the orphanage in Africa.

Sometimes we get a little selfish and think "What's in it for me?"  All we ask is that during this party you ask "What can my donation do to help?"  and that you see all the good we have done, and will do, to help people in need.

Now, as promised, the sneak peek of some of the items up for door prizes.  Please note:  You only get a chance to enter if you purchase the $30 ticket and submit your name at the movie. 

Above you will see two charms.  One is an "E" and one is a "J".  These will be available for purchase.  One charm for $3, or two for $5.  You might buy both if, like me, you can't decide who you like better until Breaking Dawn comes around. 

We will have several really cute key fobs up for prizes that have the charms in them, but they weren't finished when I left town.  The charms are available at Sweetbriar Cove, and you can purchase them when you pick up your tickets.  Just let them know you want to purchase one, or two, or doesn't matter! :D
This is the necklace that everyone who buys the ticket will receive.  It's on a simple black cording, and the front face is covered with diamond-like jewels.  It will come in a black or red drawstring bag.

The quilt, seen above, is one of several that have been donated for door prizes.  I am, myself, donating a quilt, but it's not done yet (it will be ready by the movie, I promise!), so pictures will come later. 

Also, we have t-shirts, games, and other fun stuff that has been donated by several different people.

Please, if you haven't already bought a ticket, consider purchasing one from us and helping out these two really great charities that need your help.

For tickets, please call Sweetbriar Cove at 801-423-1876.  You can email Colton's Angels at if you have any questions, or if you would prefer to reserve your tickets that way.  Tickets must be picked up and paid for by close of business on the 29th.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 2 or "Lunch at the Thai Cottage"

We went to Edmonds today.  Found out that the lady we were going to surprise had actually moved to Idaho.  Two days ago.  Oops! That's what we get for not calling ahead. haha

Then we went to the downtown district and walked around.  We took the ferry across to Kingston, walked around for a bit, then rode the ferry back.  We then were ready for lunch as it was about 1:30.

We decided to eat at the Thai Cottage.  We didn't talk a lot, because the two parties on either side of us were doing plenty talking for us.  The couple behind us was particularly peculiar.  We never really saw the woman's face, but we assumed she was Asian.  The man was white.  Upon being seated he started reading some mortgage paperwork, loudly enough that the whole restaurant could hear it.

When they ordered, he ordered for both of them:

"We'll split a number 15, because you weren't that hungry to begin with, huh?"
she said something we couldn't hear.

Later in the conversation, the man says to the woman:

"Mmm. This is yummy.  You need to get the recipe so you can make this at home. In your wok." and then he proceeded to make the racial steriotypical noice that Bruce Lee makes when doing his karate/kung fu "waaaah!"  It was incredibly loud.  Mike and I were trying not to laugh.

When it came time to pay his bill, the man said to the woman, and the waiter:

"Man that was bigger than I thought it would be.  It's a good thing we only ordered one.  But you understand." (said to the waiter)

They paid, then left.  Now, while all of this was going on, the party next to us was having a raucous time as well.  It was a group of 5 or 6 women, discussing their friend, Celeste.  Mike says he was totally enthralled by the following conversation.

Celeste had gotten bit by a spider below the Mason-Dixon line.  She wanted her friend to see the bite, so she took a picture of the bite with her camera phone.  The friend refused to look at it.  Later, she was at Celeste's house when Celeste pulled her into the bathroom and insisted she look at the bite. 

Also, we learned that one year for Halloween, Celeste dressed up like a Playboy bunny.  If Celeste (who wasn't present) looked anything like her other friends, we're pretty sure we don't want to see her dressed up as a Playboy bunny.....or the spider bite below the Mason-Dixon line.  Yup.

Yep, great times at the Thai Cottage. 

Oh, other highlights from today?  TONS of jellyfish in the water.  The boat ran over a whole bunch of them.

Bought some authentic African fat quarters at a shop called Fabric of Life.  Went to the Kingston quilt shop and the quilt shop around the corner from our hotel (Keepsake Quilting? or something similar in name).  Bought the shop hop pattern pack, since I won't be making it to many more of the shops.  Maybe 1 or 2 in Seattle. We'll see.

Speaking of Seattle - Our nav system thinks Seattle is pronounced seagul, only with a tuh sound.  It made us laugh.

We had dinner at Jaliscos, a Mexican place.  It was pretty good.  I wanted fried ice cream, but they gave us our check before asking us to order dessert.  In fact, they never asked us to order dessert.  Mike went and paid the bill, then we drove off the the QFC to get me some ice cream (I have a sore throat, it is medicinal! haha)

While at the QFC we also bought some window wipes to wash the inside of our windshield.  While I was wiping the windshield down, the car decided to get back at me for all the abuse over the years and threw the rear view mirror at my face.  My lip bled.  It hurt.  Mike laughed so hard he cried.  I just cried.  Mike said "don't cry."  I cried anyway.  He laughed harder, making him cry more. 

Then we went back to the hotel.  Our hotel has cookies every night.  I got one for me and one for Mike.  Mike ate his.  While I got our room key out, he held my cookie.  NEVER AGAIN!  He ate my cookie!!!!!!! And then he wouldn't get me another one!  RUDE!

So, now we're getting ready to just relax and watch TV/movies all night.  Tomorrow we go to the gem/jewelry show!  YIPEE!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 1 of the Vacation - WHAT A START!

When I woke up Tuesday morning I was so excited.  We were taking Marshy to my parents that night for the week while Mike and I go to Seattle.  Then it hit me.  I was in so much pain, all over, and my throat hurt, my head hurt, and I felt like crap.  I was freezing all day.  I went to bed at 8:30 PM, which, for those of you who know me, know that is very weird.

I woke up at midnight.  We were supposed to leave at 4 AM.  I was burining up.  I was dizzy.  I felt like crap.  I took my temperature, and it was 101.8 F.  After a quick freak out, I told Mike that I thought I was very sick and needed to see a doctor.  1 hr later when they took my temperature at the ER it was 103 F.  They tested me for several things and they all came back negative.  Turns out, according to the ER doctor, I just have some weird freaky viral/febrile thingy.

We went home at 2:30 AM, packed the car up and left for our trip.  Yes, I still went on vacation.  DANG IT! I never get to go on vay-cay without Marshy and I was not going to let a stupid fever keep me from having "fun"!!

I am so proud of myself!  I stayed awake until almost 4, when I dozed for a little while.  We stopped in Ogden, a couple places in Idaho, a few in Oregon, and Yakima.  And, I'm pleased to say, that I spent the majority of the trip awake (as opposed to the last time we made the trip, 6 years ago, and I slept the whole way up and back, except for a 30 min. window where I drove).  Mike was so proud of me!  haha  I was more proud of Mike, though, he drove for almost 12 hrs straight with only 30 mins of sleep!!  The man is freakin' Super-Hubs!

I even drove from just outside Baker all the way to Yakima - just over 111 miles.

We finally got to our hotel, checked in, and got our dinner.  We went to Terriyaki Plus.  Oh boy was it good.  Now we're chilling at the hotel, watching America's Got Talent.  And pretty soon I will be quite hopped up on NyQuil and Chloroseptic.  I'm feeling a ton better, except for my throat.  It hurts so bad that it's hard to believe that I don't have strep or anything else serious.  Here's to hoping tomorrow is a better day!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Another OPAM Finish - Christmas Ornament

So here it is, yet another finish this month for OPAM.  This is one of the gazillion cross stitch ornament kits I bought after Christmas last year.  I stitched it up in about 2 1/2 hours tonight.  YAY!  I didn't really want to get too much done tonight, because I'm going to be spending 28 hours in the car over the next week and wanted to save the bulk of my projects for the trip, but I'm glad that I'm one more project down, one more ornament closer to having them all done in time for Christmas this year!

So, I'm going on a trip, and I have so many projects packed and ready to go.  I have 4 quilts that need to be bound.  I have 5 more little ornaments.  I have a wedding commemoration cross stitchery that I've been working on for over 5 years (our 5 year anniversary is this Thursday).  I have January's quilt cross-stitch of the month to finish.  I have a Precious Moments baby birth announcement cross stitchery that I started about 6 years ago that needs to be finished.  I also have 2 needlepoint Christmas stockings that need to be made.  I have 2 felt Christmas projects (a wreath and a Santa Claus) that can be done.  I have a felt table-topper applique project to work on.  So yeah, I have a lot to accomplish, but I think it can get done in 28 hours, don't you? haha!  Here's to hoping I don't get car sick easily on this trip!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

OPAM 2010 - June Finish

I actually got some of my projects finished before the end of the month! Can you believe it?!  It's a miracle!!  Anyway, here they are, in no particular order:

A cute little bag and matching quilt for Marshy.  The pattern is an original design and is currently being tested.  Check back for updates on when it will be available for purchase (It's really a quick and easy pattern - GREAT for beginning quilters or sewists).
And again, some more Christmas ornaments - Yay for cross stitching! I bought a TON of these after Christmas last year, because they had been marked down from $3, $5, and $7 to like a whole 50 cents! What a steal of a deal.  I still have about 5 more to do, and I'm hoping to get most of them done this month so I can move on to the felt Christmas kits I bought, and the needlepoint Christmas stockings I have from 3 years ago.

And now for some unofficial finishes, because I know that really only "soft projects" such as quilting, cross stitching, etc count officially.  I have had two of these beading kits for a few months now, and just got my third in the mail.  Well, I decided to sit down and finish them because they were taking up too much space in my craft corner.  So, here are the finished jewelry sets:

I really had a good time making all of them.  The watch set was the hardest, let me tell you!  haha  I think my favorite though is the gold necklace, braclet and earrings - which is funny because I am SOOO not a gold person.  I like silver, white gold, and platinum normally :) 

So there you have it! My finishes to date.  I'm hoping to get the 6 quilt tops I have made quilted within the next week or so and sew the binding to them.  We're driving to Seattle in a few weeks and I want something to keep me busy, and what better way than to bind a whole car-load of quilts?  haha  Well, we'll see what happens with that, but I know for sure I'm going to have at least 1 more quilt bound, and another cross stitch project, maybe even 2 or 3!  Here's to hoping!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Am I Dreaming?

Once upon a time I had a CD.  It was a really good CD.  Okay, so it was kind of really depressing, but I remember listening to it in the hallway outside of one of my friend's classes at the U while Iwaited to tell her about the break up I had just had.

This memory is quite vivid, probably because I got a song written about me out of it.  I still have the song.  No, I won't be posting it on here, or anywhere else. 

Anyway, so because this memory is so vivid, it has to be real, right?  I mean, I physically have the song on a CD, so it HAS to be real, right?!

So how come I can't for the life of me find the incredibly depressing CD that I was listening to?  I have been through all of my old mix CD's, and none of them is the one in question.

Why do I need this horribly depressing CD, you ask?  Well, because it is the perfect playlist to go along with what I'm working on right now.  Many of you know that I'm writing a book - well, several - and that CD is the perfect CD to get me in the depressing mood of this part of my book. 

So, you probably won't find it, but if you happen to come across an old mix CD that has both "Alive" by SR-71 and "I'm With You" by Avril Lavigne on it, please let me know.  It's probably mine.  And no, I didn't lose it on campus, or in my apartment...although it may have been in the CD player when my car got broken into several years ago.....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tickets still available!!

Please join us at the midnight showing of Twilight: Eclipse on June 29/30 (show starts at 12:01 AM June 30th, but show up on the 29th or you'll miss it!)
Tickets are $30 and include:
Your movie ticket
$5 gift card to concessions
a small gift bag
an entry into our drawing for our many fabulous door prizes
a donation to 2 really great charities: Colton's Angels and Borto Deseret Orphanage
If you would like to purchase tickets, please call Angie, Joanna or Vicki at 801-423-1876.
Tickets are going fast, so call today to reserve yours!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along 2010

I am participating in the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along this year. I must admit, I started off strong, but have slacked a bit. There were 7 blocks as of last Monday, and I had only completed the first three. YIKES!

So, today when I got home from work I cleared off my sewing table (Mike had taken it over for use as a table to fix 1 of the 4 - yes 4 - XBOX 360s we have lying around our house) and set to work sewing!







I am so glad to finally be caught up! I know the project uses a jelly roll, but I happened to have this great fat quarter stack lying around, so that's what I'm using, in case you were wondering. It's Strawberry Lemonade by Me and My Sister Designs for moda. I just love how bright the fabrics are! If you have a stash of fabric, or a jelly roll you don't know what to use with it, feel free to join us. It's obviously not too late, if I'm just barely doing the blocks! haha