Friday, July 31, 2009

Somebody Save Me!

Hi. My name is Sparky, and I'm a little dog. I only weigh about 6 or 7 lbs. I live with my mommy. She has a grandson who likes to play with me. I don't like it much. He drives me crazy! He is always putting me places and wanting to sit and hold me. Today he got into my bed and sat with me. SOMEONE SAVE ME FROM THIS TODDLER!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Speaking of Expired....

Bonnie the Boss, whose blog I read frequently, posted about a recent camping trip. It reminded me of the can of PAM that we found while on vay-cay. You seriously have got to look closely at the date on the sticker. It's awesome!

If you look closely you will see that the PAM is from Kmart....and the date is 4-30-82. I wasn't even born yet! Mike wasn't even born yet! It is THAT old! Needless to say, we threw it in the garbage.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bear Lake Day 2

Day 2 of our vacation we hiked up to Bloomington Lake, up Bloomington Canyon. I don't remember the hike being as hard as it was. Maybe that's because they changed the trail. The path used to go around the east (?) side of Mud Lake, but now it goes around the west (?) side of the lake. It's funny, because a lot of people walk up the hill and see Mud Lake, the first lake of the three on the trail, and turn around and go home because it's nothing special. Little do they know that if you keep hiking past Mud Lake and Beaver Lake that you find this:
Bloomington Lake. It is so beautiful up there!
This tree has a rope swing that hangs off of it, and people line up to take a turn flying into the lake.

Jon and my dad's head.

Marshy trying to get away from Grandma (Nana).

Showing Nana that he knows where the buckles are, and trying to get them off.

View of the far side of the lake.
I love this picture. He looks so sweet and innocent here. Little do we know he is plotting to go jump in the water!!!

Pretty Flowers!

A butterfly. We saw a really cool looking yellow and orange bird, but Mike couldn't get the long lens on the camera before it flew away.

I told you he was plotting to jump in the water! Nana had to hold on tight to keep him on the dry ground!

She contented him to throw pebbles into the lake instead of swim.
I think next time we might wear our swimmies up and go swimming in the lake. I might even try the rope swing. Who knows! But, we sure did have a lot of fun. I think my favorite part was when these 4 ditsy girls hiked in and said "I would've sworn we'd be the only ones up here!" I waited until they walked away a bit and said "What did you think the parking lot full of cars were doing up here? Hiking to Mud Lake?" hahaha She was dumb. It was funny.

Later Day 2 we went to the North beach of the Bear Lake, but we didn't take any pictures. Marshy had a lot of fun playing in the sand and the water, and Mike had a lot of fun dunking me under the water when I couldn't touch the bottom. Nice!


So, I went on vacation over the weekend. I've kind of been freaking out because my court date is set for August 25th, and the process servers had until July 25th to serve the papers. I hadn't heard anything from them yet, and I was starting to worry that I would have to re-file my court papers.

Well...... I got a phone call Thursday morning before I left.

What was this phone call? you ask.


FINALLY, after 4 MONTHS of trying to catch her, they finally served her the papers.

They told me she was a major bizzo to the girl who served her. I guess she was saying stuff like "You can't serve me those!" and "I'm not accepting this!" and "GET OFF MY PROPERTY!"


Funny thing she obviously doesn't know: in Utah, all the server has to do is have contact of some sort with the person. Talking to them totally counts, so the papers count as being served. YAY FOR ME!

The server left the papers for her and reported back to the office, who then called me.

YAY! This means no refiling paperwork. No more having to worry.

The only thing I am concerned about is what if she tries to beat me up at the courthouse? Or yells at me? But then, Mike reminded me that there are security guards all over the place, and if she so much as touches me then she is in trouble.

Anyway, that is my happy news for the weekend.

We took lots of pictures on vay-cay, but Blogger won't let me upload them right now, so check back later to see how much fun Marshy had on his first cabin experience. Also, I uploaded pictures on my quilting blog of some really cute quilts. My favorite is "Ethan's Quilt" so please go check it out (comments are kindly appreciated).

Bear Lake Day 1

We went to Bear Lake over the weekend. We drove up Thursday afternoon. Friday morning we decided to go to the Ice Cave, elevation 7800 feet above sea level.
Marshy was so good to hold Daddy's hand on the climb up to the cave. The guy in the front is my little brother, Jon.
This is the view from the top down into the cave. As you can see, there are people rappelling there.

When you walk around to the bottom entrance of the cave, there's a small river/pond-ish thing. There's a rickety old wooden bridge that you have to walk across. It's kind of creepy because you walk in from the sunlight into total darkness for a second. It's weird.

Uncle Jonny and Daddy standing on the snow. There is snow year-round in the cave.

The view from the bottom up to the top. Again, you can see the climbing ropes. There were 2 younger people learning how to rappel. It was kind of funny, because the girl was totally freaking out. It wasn't very deep, maybe only 50 feet or so?

Marshall playing around and exploring. These photos are courtesy of Mike.

Marshy LOVES snow! He was so excited.....until he found out it was muddy snow and he fell on his butt. Then he wasn't too happy.

My dad and my brother watching Marshy from behind the giant block of snow.

Climbing up the rocks. There are crevices and spaces in the cave that go back deeper. I've never spelunked into them, but I sure do think that would be fun! Maybe when I get skinny and don't have to worry about getting stuck, huh?

Marshy was a little unsure about the bridge, even though he kept yelling "BRIDGE!" He loves bridges. He is funny. He had a lot of fun. It's quite chilly down in the cave, hence the snow, but going from the cold to the heat was nice. Then it started to rain a little, so that cooled us off, too. It was a fun little excursion.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

24th of July

Going out of town for the 24th of July.

In Utah, we celebrate the 24th of July. All the banks are closed. We have parades, rodeos, carnivals, etc.

My parents and my family are going out of town.
It's probably a good thing, since my little family lives off of the main street of our town, right in the center, all around the chaos and commotion of the celebration!

We're going up to our cabin. It's not really a cabin. It's more like a house. It's the house my grandma grew up in, so it's pretty old. There's no internet up there. What am I going to do?!

Here's to hoping I can survive the weekend without any internet! I'll let you know if I survived on Monday! haha

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Lovely Neighbors

We have some great neighbors where we live.
They have a 5 month old daughter.
They have a problem taking a five-finger discount frequently.
Last week, the husband went into the county jail on Tuesday.
He got out on Wednesday.
He was in for retail theft of less than $300.
On Thursday his wife went into the county jail.
She was in for retail theft.
We assume that because she has a 5 month old, that's why she was released immediately.
On Friday, the husband went back into the county jail.
He went in for robbery, retail theft, and trespassing.
He is still in there.
His bail is like $12,000.
Makes us really glad they're our neighbors.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I promise I'm not crying!

It's just my awful allergies acting up! And only in my left eye. So I am definitely NOT crying. This is actually making it difficult to type because I can't see clearly out of the one eye. Trippy.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm sure you're all dying to know what's going on...

So, remember back in June how I went to court but found out my papers hadn't been served? Yeah, not so much fun. Well, here's what I know so far:

First, I had to reschedule the court date. It is now set for August 25th, giving the servers until July 25th to serve the papers.

Second, I called the process server company and they said that the server had been out there like a bazillion times. I have kept in rather close contact with one of the guys there, and he has been quite helpful. The server thinks that the person is avoiding being served. STUPID! They know it's coming. Why don't they man up and take what's coming to them? DUMB.

Anyway, so ..... the server saw a car and wrote down the plate number. They ran the plates. OH YEAH! They are her plates alright. WOOHOO!

SO, they switched from a man to a woman server. She went up the other day and literally stood on the porch for 40 minutes calling "HELLO?" and ringing the bell. Then she drove around the block, and the porch light was on and the previously open blinds were closed. The good news? If she sees her, all she has to do is say "These are for you." and she can leave the papers on the porch and VOILA! They're served.

I HAVE to have these papers served by next Sunday, or else I have to RE-FILE as per Utah Law. STUPID LAW. BUT, at least we are making progress in this issue. Obviously, she knows she has done something wrong, because if she thought she was innocent she would've just taken the papers and fought it out in court, right? That's what I thought! haha

So, stay tuned for more, but I'm really hoping that they get her next week. I'm going out of town for the 24th (Big state holiday here, ya know) and I don't want to have to worry about it. UGH! I am so frustrated! But, the servers are doing all that they can, so it isn't their fault.

They did tell me that if she refuses to be served they can do what is called due dilligence, and the judge will have to approve an alternate form of service, such as mailing the papers or posting a notice in the Legal Notices section of the newspaper. I'm thinking the newspaper option would be the best, as she has refused mail from me in the past. Plus, all you have to do is post the notice and then she has to go to court and if she doesn't show up I get a default judgment. Oh that would be awesome!

I'm a little nervous to get the bill from the servers. I'm afraid it's going to be crazy expensive, how many times they've been out to BFE where she lives. Oh well! She'll have to pay. It's part of the court costs, ya know, so I'm not too worried.....just as long as they'll send me a bill and not make me pay upfront. That would suck. Unless it's only $50. Then I'll be okay with it. :D

So, that's all I know so far. Stay tuned for further updates!!

My New Lovlies!

I just bought these babies off of RueLaLa, my favorite website ever. They are Betsey Johnson "Generosa". They are cream and pink. OH I LOVE THEM! I got them for a whopping $79 (as opposed to $160 at I am so excited!
(My birthday is on Monday. I bought myself a present)

Friday, July 10, 2009

An Amazing Quilt

I belong to a group of longarm quilters, and one lady posted the link to this Flickr group. You have GOT to check out this amazing quilt! HOLY COW IT IS AWESOME! It's a Twilight quilt. And it is so good! Even if you aren't a fan of the books, you will LOVE this quilt. Go check it out!

Salem Day's Quilt Show

The Salem Day's Quilt Show is August 8th.
Please come join us for an awesome quilt show!

It will be held in the trees at the church on Main Street in SALEM, UT from 10 AM to 2 PM.

We will also be having a raffle. Tickets are $5 and we have some awesome prizes lined up. Proceeds from the raffle will go to Colton's Angels, to help enable them to put together a Christmas tree for the yearly FESTIVAL OF TREES in SLC, UT. (Proceeds from the Festival go to Primary Children's Hospital. Here are some quick facts about PCH.)

Please help us raise money for an awesome cause by purchasing a raffle ticket at the quilt show on Saturday, August 8, 2009.


Okay, so I know I've been gone for a while, but I am BACK. Hopefully for a LONG TIME.

Anyway, I've been on vay-cay and then playing catch-up at work, so here are some of the quilts I've been working on:

Aunt Karen's Houses was one of the most creatively challenging quilts I've done lately.

This sweet little baby quilt is one of my favorites. It is so precious!

This sweet pic of Marshy-baby is from our evening out to Los Hermanos. We went out for our 4th anniversary, and took Marshy-baby along for fun. He kept us laughing the whole time! He is a riot! (And getting busier and funnier every day)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Coming Soon

I know I have been away for a while. Too long, actually. Anyway, I promise that I will be updating very shortly. We are on vay-cay right now. We get back tomorrow.

Instead of getting to unpack and relax from the vay-cay, I get to turn around and immediately get back to work. YAY!

So, anyway, I promise to get updates to ya'all here pretty soon. Maybe by the end of next week? It will be hard to get back in the swing of things, but I'll try really hard. :)